Tech Tips – December 2015

by Steve Turchet HMMWV CLUNKER My 1997 HMMWV is making a clunking sound when I stop. The sound seems to be coming from the wheels or underneath somewhere. – J. Peyton HMMWVs are noted for brake problems which are often … More »

Building a Down-Under MUTT

by Silvio Iacuone The name “Larry Damour” is well-known in the New England historic military vehicle community for many reasons. For one, he has re-welded more than 60 previously cut M151 vehicles. Outside of the garage, he is a board … More »

Convoying the Bankhead

Firsthand report from the field by Jerry Gardner On September 15, 2015, Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) members headed out on a military convoy from the Washington, D.C., area to follow the Old Bankhead Highway to San Diego, Calif. The … More »

Venerable Jeep

The Jeep: A landmark in motorized vehicle design and engineering typified by reliability, excellent performance, and durability. Powered by the famous “Go Devil” engine, the Jeep became synonymous with the American war effort. More than 600,000 were produced for the … More »