On the Scene: The Iola Vintage MV and Gun Show


You never know what will show up in Iola. This scale model of the USS Wisconsin has a small motor and can carry one adult. I have NOT attempted to sail it myself!

The 22nd Iola Vintage Military Vehicle and Gun Show with Vintage Tractors (August 10-11, 2013) was the scene of WWII and Vietnam reenactments, weapon demonstrations, trail rides, driving contests and customer-packed vending area. Historic military vehicle enthusiasts displayed more than 75 machines ranging in size from Cushman scooters and M274 Mules (14 of the latter!) to massive 5-ton and 10-ton 6×6 trucks. All vendor spaces in two large buildings were occupied as were several acres of the Old Car Show ground where both vendors and vehicles mingled to make each aisle a veritable olive-drab smorgasbord.

Public attendance on Saturday pushed near to the 7,000-mark. The Iola Old Car Show staff have a proven formula that combines plenty of activity for the entire family, including hands-on farming experiences in the tractor coral, deuce-and-a-half rides, parades of vehicles and narrated battle demonstrations.

The 23rd Annual Iola Vintage Military Vehicle and Gun Show with Vintage Tractors will be held in Iola, Wisconsin, on August 9-10, 2014.  Keep watching our website, enewsletters and the pages of both Military Vehicles and Military Trader for updates. In the meantime, enjoy these scenes from the show:


An M151A2 USMC MUTT on display at Iola 2013.

Mike Weaver’s 1954 M170 Frontline Ambulance. Mike really WAS a frontline medic during the Vietnam War. He just returned from participating on the Vietnam Honor Flight to Washington DC

Amy Siracusa ponders Ken Kuik’s explanation of how she should drive his reproduction Cushman scooter. — with amy siracusa.

Some pretty whacky stuff can show up at Iola. Ya’ just never know!

A portion of the vendor field at Iola MV Show, 2013 (Wisconsin)

Tom Zat’s M725. The OD paint is original…he simply buffed it out. The red cross, cadeuces and markings are repainted over original traces.

Wisconsin truly is the “out of the woodwork” GPs. I think, every year since I have been going, there is at least one GP that pops up, newly discovered. A lot of folks will gripe about how this or that isn’t original, but here is a GP that was for sale for $7,900. That’s under $8K for a what would be the coolest trail-rider in any club! Last I heard, there was some serious talk about it going to a North Dakota buyer. Not sure if the sale went through. But dang, another GP shows up when I think, there can’t be many more to discover!

There were about 14 mules at Iola this year. I missed the chance, though, to get them gathered for a group photo! Just not enough time in the couple of days the event ran.

With so many Mules at Iola this year, I started to see some interesting configurations. This is the first one I have seen with a spare tire!

Willys 1947 CJ2A was for sale at Iola for $4500. I think it went home with the seller, though.

Big or small, HMVs are the central theme in Iola! This radio-controlled M5A1 was busy all weekend, approaching then retreating from little kids.

Some of the bigger trucks pulling out of Iola on Sunday.

Dennis Gremminger doesn’t let anything keep him from pursuing his love of military vehicles! Keep ’em rolling, Dennis!

‘German’ Ford fielded by the 53 Aufkl Abt.3PzGr. Division reenactment group (thanks David!) at the Iola WWII reenactment this past weekend

Henry Pacha of Long Grove, Iowa, drove his tractor and trailer to Iola. Last year, he drove it in the MVPA’s Alaska Highway Convoy!

Not sure who owns this M35 that was displayed in Iola, Wisconsin, this past weekend.

Spotted this “M38A1 Carrier” loaded and ready to pull out from the Iola Military Vehicle show.

Dale Bowden’s 1955 M54A2 with a pair of M332 trailers in tow. Dale uses the truck and trailers for activities with Military Explorers Post 120 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

Dick Pape (right) uses his M37B1 and trailer for hauling Vets in local parades.

This M3A1 Scout Car and Ben Hur trailer snuck into Iola on Sunday morning. I don’t know to whom it belonged, but it was a darn nice vehicle!

First time I saw this Dodge W300 Ambulance at Iola. I remember photographing it at Fort Lee MVPA Convention many years ago. At that time, it belonged to Bob Swope. Not sure who the owner is now, though.



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