MVs Roll Into Dixie

T he Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club held its 8th annual “Steel Soldiers at the Ironworks” vehicle rally at Tannehill State Park on November 2-3, 2007 in Bucksville, Alabama.  The rally site has a longtime military association, as Tannehill was once the site of an important ironworks supplying goods to the Confederacy. The November weekend was occasion of the club’s annual conference, vehicle rally and flea market and the beautiful fall weather was the perfect backdrop for trail rides and camping. Fig. 1 copy.jpg
Not only are two generations of vehicles shown in this photo, but this is the handiwork of two generations of collectors. The father and son team of JC & Barry McCain own this HMMWV, M38 Jeep and M100 trailer.

Fig 2 copy.jpg
The M35A2 with winch belongs to Kevin and Debbie Doriety.  The truck had a minor axle seal leak on the way to the show but Kevin and his friends quickly repaired it, providing some entertainment and education for the less-ambitious attendees.

Fig. 3 copy.jpg
Lamar and Jewell Rowland’s M35A2 serves as their home away from home. This is Lamar’s second M35A2 – he put over 10,000 miles on the first one before selling it. He bought this one at the live auction at the Aberdeen show in May 07 and drove it home.

Fig. 4 copy.jpg
Mark Farabee’s brought his super-single equipped M817 dump truck with winch. However, that nice-looking shelter in the rear precludes the trucks original use!

Fig. 5 copy.jpg
Horace Rowland – brother of Lamar – owns this super-clean Mule.  For less strenuous starting, he has added an electric starter to his Mule.

Fig. 6 copy.jpg
Jeremy and his Granddaddy Smith like to go for rides in their 1953 Willys M38A1.

Fig. 7 copy.jpg
This Pioneer Tool Trailer also belongs to Mark Farabee. He has revised the stowage for his own use, including a welder, air compressor and a host of other tools.  This made him very popular with less well-prepared vehicle owners.

Fig. 8 copy.jpg
Richard Evans owns this M35A2 with single rear wheels. He added the S280 shelter in the rear that he uses as a camper. Notice the unique opening in the cab roof – evidently made from a 55-gallon drum – by Uncle Sam no less!

Fig. 9 copy.jpg
A rare shot of Rodney Noland’s Mule sitting still during the event.  This is as smooth-running Mule as you would ever hope to encounter, and Rodney kept it moving much of the time.

Fig. 10copy.jpg
Steve Stevenson’s brought his M886 Ambulance. These mid 1970’s Dodges are gaining popularity with collectors. 

Fig. 11copy.jpg
This nicely restored M38A1 belongs to Tommy Shanks. It is fully restored down to the smallest detail – notice the canvas cover protecting a military radio set behind the driver’s seat.

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