MVPA To Commemorate 1919 Transcontinental Convoy

n 1919, the US Army’s Military Transportation Corps (MTC) undertook a transcontinental Convoy to demonstrate the need for a mechanized Army. This “hooves to wheels” plan to modernize America’s fighting force needed an attention-getting event to energize Congress and the citizenry, and parading the Army’s military might from coast-to-coast along the new Lincoln Highway was a great way to get demonstrate new vehicles.

As part of its mission to honor our country’s military vehicle history, the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) has decided to recreate the famous 1919 convoy in 2009 as a 90th anniversary celebration. It will occur in conjunction with the nation’s President Lincoln Bicentennial celebration.

The MVPA is looking for partnerships to help with this historic reenactment of the 1919 Convoy, both non-profit and corporate. If your organization or business believes this event fits its profile, please contact the MVPA at 1-800-365-5798. The MVPA is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Missouri. For more information about the MVPA, click here.

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