Military Vehicles at Rock Island Auction

The 2018 September Premiere Firearms Auction held by Rock Island Auction Company (RIAC) was the largest firearms auction in industry history. Realizing a total of $20,011,092, a portion of it came from the sale of a number of historic military vehicles from the esteemed lifetime collection of Allan Cors. Mr. Cors served as the 63rd President of the National Rifle Association and has assembled one of the finest U.S./European/German military arms collections ever seen at auction. Better known as “The World at War in the 19th & 20th Century,” Mr. Cors’ collection is an encyclopedic study of the development of military weapons — including vehicles — over two centuries.

The clamor around the auction had been growing for months. The presence of military vehicles, including several tanks and armored vehicles, captured the attention of even casual enthusiasts. The anticipation continued to grow as more and more pieces were announced.

Bidders came from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 27 foreign countries. RIAC’s online catalog was viewed more than 2.8 million times.

It’s not easy to follow a first day auction of firearms that contained a $1 million gun, but Saturday was up for the challenge as many of the historic military vehicles rolled across the auction block. The audience could hear an M41A1 Walker Bulldog tank running outside the auction hall as bidding reached $230,000. This was followed by an M5A1 Stuart Light tank that sold for $287,500. In all, 19 historic vehicles and pieces of ordnance sold on Day 2. The prices shown here do not include the 15% buyer’s premium.

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Lot 1387: World War II U.S. M5A1 Stuart Light Tank. Sold for $287,500

Lot 1427: World War II Birmingham Small Arms Company M20 Motorcycle. Sold for $8,625

Lot 1393: Korean War- era U.S. Dodge M-43 Ambulance. Sold for $21,850

Lot 1491: World War II German Leichtes Infanteriegeschutz 18. Sold for $43,125

Lot 1428: Swiss Condor A350 Motorcycle. Sold for $3,738

Lot 1426: USMC Kaiser M38A1 Radio Jeep. Sold for $12,650

Lot 1425: Israeli Army CJ-5 Jeep with M70 Recoilless Rifle. Sold for 17,250

Lot 1424: Vietnam War- era U.S. Ford M151A1 Minesweeper Jeep with Rare P170. Sold for $18,400

Lot 1423: Vietnam War-era USMC M274A5 4×4 Mule with M40 Recoilless Rifle. Sold for $25,875

Lot 1422: World War II U.S. Bofors 40 mm. Sold for 23,000

Lot 1421: Bofors – M38 Class III/Destructive Device. Sold for $16,100

Lot 1392: U.S. Willys M38A1 Jeep. Sold for $21,850

Lot 1391: World War II U.S. GMC DUKW 6X6. Sold for $46,000

Lot 1390: World War II U.S. Dodge WC-51 Weapons Carrier. Sold for $34,500

Lot 1388: Vietnam War-era USMC M561 Gama Goat 6×6 Amphibious Cargo Truck. Sold for $11,500

Lot 1370: U.S. M41A1 Walker Bulldog Light Tank. Sold For $230,000

Lot 1366: World War II U.S. M3A1 Scout Car. Sold for $74,750

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