CRIME ALERT: Jeeps Stolen in Tennessee

May 7, 2009

Doyle’s M170 has a WeeBee top and is painted in Marine Corps
colors and markings. It does not, however, have the typical Red
Cross markings on the tailgate.

Between 5 PM May 6 and 8 AM, May 7, 2009, an enclosed vehicle transport trailer (made by Horton) was stolen from Everette Doyle in Brownsville, Tennessee. Inside the trailer was a restored M170 and a rewelded M151A1.

The M170 has a WeeBee top, is painted in Marine Corps colors and markings, and can be distinguished (in part) by the Red Cross markings NOT painted on the tailgate. Detailed descriptions of these can be provided if needed, or, if you have a copy of David Doyle’s “Field Guide to US Military Vehicles”, the M170 shown in the book is the one that was stolen.

If either of these vehicles are spotted, please contact the Brownsville Police Department immediately by calling 731-772-1215.

UPDATE (May 18, 2009): Jeeps recovered. CLICK HERE for updated information

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A rewelded M151A1 was also stolen.

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