Highlights from the 2012 Iola Vintage Military Show

Iola 2012 Military Vehicle and Gun Show featuring Old Tractors and Equipment

With sold-out vendor spaces, the 2012 Iola (Wisconsin) Military Vehicle and Gun Show reached record attendance on Aug. 11-12. Approximately 9,000 people came to take part in what Military Vehicles Magazine Editor John Adams-Graf describes as the quintessential mix of history and fun.

“The Iola MV Show has always focused on activity for the guest, ” he explained.”This year was no different with events ranging from Veteran meet-and-greets, WWII and Vietnam reenactments, Deuce-and-a-half rides and all the various activities the tractor crowd bring to the show. It is a perfect event for families as there is so much to do and see.”

Started 21 years ago by publisher Chet Krause, the Iola MV Show has seen a clear shift in emphasis. In years gone by, Jeeps and WWII vehicles dominated. At this year’s event, however, post war vehicles outnumbered their veteran predecessors by two to one. Deuces, Mules and Mutts predominated, but there were many M37s, M715s and M1009s seen on the grounds as well. In all, it is estimated that more that collectors and dealers exhibited more than 85 military vehicles.

Enjoy dozens of photographic highlights from the 2012 show…

The big and small of it: That's is 17-year Brad Nitzke's 1970 M35A2 and Mark Austin's very scarce 10-ton M125 cargo.

WWII veteran, Chet Krause, started the Iola Military Vehicle Show 21 years ago. This past weekend at the show, we presented him with a small token of our appreciation. The photo Chet is holding is an enlargement of a photo he had posed for in Luxemburg City in 1945.

The Iola, Wisconsin, MV Show is really evolving into a "big truck" show. I will note, though, not a lot of owner name are listed on the vehicles, so i am at a loss to let you know who owns this M35 (and many other photos below!)

John Severston showed his 1945 Studebaker US6 at Iola, Wisconsin, MV Show.

M37B1 owned by Al Allen under the locally famous "Iola Car Show" tower.

Paul Smaglick's 1970 M35A2 Multifuel made by Kaiser-Jeep.

Military Vehicles Magazine's advertising "Man on Point" (in this case, Miller High Life), Nick Ockwig taking a mule for a spin.

This stretched 6x6 was offered for sale at Iola MV Show this year.

This Cushman Scooter is a replica. It was built by Randy and Ann Lamers and sold at the show.Randy and Ann are looking into making more for others who want one.

The M151 belongs to Bill Warren from Peshtigo, Wis. Behind that is Mike Weaver's (Kaukauna, Wis.) M170, and behind that, Dave Hartung's (Menasha, Wis.) M37B1. Bill Warren bought the M151 from Mike Weaver last year. Mike had it marked up as an ambulance jeep and Bill did a quick repaint.

The Oshkosh Military Museum's M725.

Here's one where I need your help: Pictured here are Alfa Heaven's M38A1 and a US Army-purchased 1970 Suzuki PK. Apparently, the Army bought about 200 of these for testing with most of the production ending up in the Japanese Police Force. Can anyone point me to more info on these odd little 2-cylinder, 2-stroke jeeps? I have to admit, it was a BLAST driving this little skidder cross country!

20 tons = Mark Austin's 1970 10-ton M123A1C Tractor + his 10-ton 1958 M125 6x6 Cargo.

Brad Holcomb's massive 1971 AM General M816 with winch.

Some more vehicles from Iola, Wisconsin, 2012 MV Show.

1969 M35A2 AM General with AN GMD-1B portable Radar belonging to Tom Zat.

M38A1, no name.

John Marquardt's 1971 AM General M35A2.

Check out this wild track of ambition: A "replica" Sdkfz 250/1 build specifically for airsoft battles. It uses modern parts for easy repair and is powered by 350 cu-in Chevy V8 turning mini-excavator tracks. It is owned by Michael and Steven Alexander.

Bob Borkenhagen 's 1954 M38A1.

Myles Bowden's 1976 M880.

Air compressor powered by "Engine, Gasoline, Military Standard" made by Continental Motors in December 1958.

Dale and Myles Bowden had several vehicles at the show including this M35A2.

XM105E3 1-1/2-ton trailer made by Checker Cab, Kalamazoo, MI.

Kubelwagen used by German reenactors. Can't tell you if it is original or a repro, though.

WWII GPW/MB, owner unidentified.

Robert Anderson's M1009 1984 GM Command Radio Vehicle.

Don Meinhardt showed his Gama Goat but it was too dry to take it swimming this year.

M35A2 and M332 Ammo Trailer belonging to Miles Bowden who uses them with his activities with the Military Exploring Program, Post 120.

Gil Snyder's 1945 MB.

I have been going to the Iola MV Show for about 13 of its 21 years, and every year, there has been at least one Ford GP for sale. This year wasn't any different...this one was hauled in Saturday morning. Wrong carb, no air cleaner, but priced righteously at about $11,500. Didn't see it on Sunday, so don't know if it sold or the owner just took it home.

Al Allen's GPA has been in his family since 1946. His dad bought it as surplus and filled the nooks and crannies with motor oil. When Al was a younger man, he restored it. Now, Al's son, Brycen, is driving it at events. Just learned that Brycen enlisted in the U.S. Army and reports for duty later this month. Godspeed, Brycen!

This was, quite possibly, the coolest M37 I have ever seen. That is the ORIGINAL paint it was wearing when sold by the US Government in the early 1970s (has been hand-buffed to clean it up). Might be the second coat of paint as the 1954 M37 was rebuilt in 1961, so there is a chance it was a lighter shade of OD. Had original seats, engine, etc. It is a veritable time capsule and belongs to Alfa Heaven's automobile museum in Aniwa, Wisconsin.

This is one of Alfa Heaven's rebuilt M715s. Started life as a 1968 Kaiser. Additions include: a 455 V8, 400 Turbo transmission, GMC transfer case, M211 axles and lockers, power steering and brakes, 44" michelins and a whole lot else including a 12-foot Hydroturn plow!

Charlene Ackerman brought her 1968 Kaiser M715. She's owned it for two years and has been having a blast driving it around with her husband and family. The 25th Infantry insignia is a tribute to a family member who served in Vietnam.

Brad Holcomb and his buddies bring up a variety of heavy trucks and mules for the event each year. This year, Brad and I took his big M815 with winch out for a couple of stand-alone photo shoots.

The Iola, Wiscosnin, MV Show is also a very "Mule-Heavy" show. They are running around all over the place, usually hauling purchases like this one used to transport a new tire and wheel.

Don Meinhardt exhibited several vehicles including his very swimmable WWII DUKW.

Another deuce at Iola with no name attached.

Tom Zat, owner of Alfa Heaven, rolled in on Friday morning with his caravan of museum vehicles and "for sale" rigs as well. If you haven't checked out his sales floor and museum, it is worth the trip to little Aniwa, Wisconsin!

No owner was listed on this 1954 M37 at Iola 2012 MV Show.

There are always several "barn-fresh" vehicles that show up at the Iola Show. Al Hansel brought this M37 from Minnesota and offered it for sale.


The 22nd Annual Iola Military Vehicle and Gun Show will be held Aug. 10-11, 2013. Log onto www.iolavms.com for more info.

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