German WWII Tanks To Be Sold

A ccording to the provincial daily newspaper Savon Sanomat, the Finnish Defense Forces are to dispose of a large amount of obsolete materiel that no longer meets the requirements of the Finnish military.

One of three Sturmgeschutz hulls will be sold at the Finnish surplus auction.

    The sale/auction consists of 15 British Charioteers and 4 Comets, more or less complete. Some are missing engines and transmissions. Also featured at the sale–and of considerably more collector interest are three superstructures of Sturmgeschutz III Ausfuhrung Gs.

Charioteer MK VIII Model B sold in Finland Sept 29 2007[1].jpg
British Charioteer MK VIII Model B will be sold in Finland on Sept. 29, 2007

    The Stug IIIs were dug from the ground around some airfields after the WWII. All armament will be dactivated prior to sale. The auction takes place on September 29, 2007. The tanks will be viewable with photo opportunity on three separate occasions before the auction.”

The official Finnish Defense force notification (in Finnish) is located here:

Comet MK 1 Model B sold in Finland Sept 29 2007.jpg
Four British Comets (with later upgrades) will also be sold.


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