40th Annual East Coast Rally another hit

40th Annual East Coast Rally • Aberdeen, Maryland • May 9-11, 2013

The 40th Annual East Coast Rally, put on by the Washington Area Collectors/Blue and Gray Military Vehicle Trust (WAC/B&G MVT) in Aberdeen MD, was once again a big success. Hundreds of vendors and owners came out May 9-11, 2013, to enjoy showing off their vehicles, their wares, and their enthusiasm for the hobby.

Except for a downpour Friday night, the weather was fair and partly cloudy most of the time, and a good time was had by all in attendance. Many folks had driven long distances to attend the show, some in convoy with other HMV owners coming  from as far away as Canada and Florida. These drivers showed their dedication to the hobby in the mileage they travelled!

Below are some of the vehicles that were in attendance at the Aberdeen show, enjoy!

—Mike Davidsen


Ford M20 Armored Car, owned by John Cliche


1943 FWD HAR-1 4-ton cargo, owned by David Firstman


1942 Dodge WC-53 radio truck, owned by W.A. Schrith


1967 Ford M718 jeep ambulance, owned by T.J. Stallone


1941 Dodge WC-12 pickup, owned by Bruce Jones


1971 M35A2 cargo truck, unknown owner


1968 Kaiser M725 ambulance owned by C. McEwen, that he displayed with the doors open to view the patient compartment.


1944 Dodge WC-62 6×6 cargo, owned by Richard Wark


1942 Ford GPA “seep”, owned by Dave Welch


1986 AM General M1026 armament carrier, owned by Sean Plaisance


1965 M35A2 gun truck “Thunder Road”, unknown owner


M925A1 5-ton w/winch cargo truck, owned by Bernie Matyniak


Fleet of three WWII jeeps ready for duty in the vendor area.


1989 Freightliner SEE (Small Emplacement Excavator), displayed by Government Liquidation

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2 thoughts on “40th Annual East Coast Rally another hit

  1. surplusrobyn on said:

    Hey, thanks for including the Unimog/ SEE. We appreciate the mention!

    • John Adams-Graf on said:

      Glad to see it out at the show! Keep ’em rolling–JAG

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