2008 Aberdeen Rally Report

The decision by the Washington Area Collectors/Blue and Gray Military Vehicle Trust (WAV/B&G MVT) to return to the paved parking lot of Ripken Stadium for the 35th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally proved to be wise, as rain inundated the area for 2 of the 3 days of the event.  Rain may wet some vehicles and merchandise, but it did little to dampen the enthusiasm of those attending the event. Vehicle owners and buffs from across the United States as well as some from abroad could be seen congregating under shelters and inside vehicles swapping stories and browsing for that always needed “one more item”.

    Attendees arriving on the morning of the first day of the show, May 8, were able to see something not seen again until nearly noon on the last day of the show, May 10 – clear skies. The various serials of the East Coast Convoy, now in its 5th year, arrived Thursday afternoon, and as always garnered the attention of those already in attendance, despite the gathering rain clouds.

Fig 1.jpg
Brandon Cobb pulls in from North Carolina with the East Coast Convoy driving his M35A2C with a pioneer tool trailer in tow.  He reports that the LDT-465 Multifuel-powered AM General performed flawlessly during the 800 mile round trip.

Fig 2.jpg
Tom Bauer had a much shorter, and much faster, driving, arriving from the Baltimore area in the “World’s Fastest Reo”.  A heavily modified M35A2 sporting improved dual-circuit brakes and an extreme overdrive, along with numerous other modifications, all while keeping the truck’s appearance basically stock.

Fig 3.jpg
Numerous armored vehicles were present, including Jeff Ciccone’s beautifully restored 1978 Peacekeeper.

Fig 4.jpg
As always, numerous Jeeps could be seen at the rally, but few were as nice as this GPW. The 1942 Ford product is owned by David Klumpp of Chester Springs, PA.

Fig 5.jpg
Randy Hovey and Norm Barr brought their 1943 Daimler Dingo.  The compact armored vehicle was certainly an attention grabber.

Fig 6.jpg
The most imposing of the vehicles at the Rally was certainly George Hopkin’s Czech OT-64 eight-wheeled armored car – which arrived under its own power. These type vehicles have seen extensive use in the mid-east as well as in Czechoslovakia and Poland. The fully amphibious vehicles were originally armed with 14.5mm KPVT machine gun and a coaxially mounted 7.62mm SGMT machine gun.

Fig 7.jpg
This 1953 Ferret is also now owned by George Hopkins, and is a perennial crowd favorite. The vehicle is displayed with all the proper equipment in place.

Fig 8.jpg
Though it looks like a dune buggy, this Wessex Saker is in fact a military vehicle.  Built for use by the United Kingdom, these VW-powered machines are employed as Light Strike Vehicles (LSV). This example is owned by Rick Skipper.

Fig 9.jpg
This GMC CCKW353 with antiaircraft mount is owned by Rob Croce. While the event’s location on the paved parking lot negated the need for the winch, the hard top cab was no doubt welcome during the drive.

Fig 10.jpg
Allen Dixon’s superb 1951 Willys M38 with trailer was displayed adjacent to a very nice M38A1.

Fig 11.jpg
Cabell Garbee commanded the East Coast Convoy from the cab of his M813A1 five-ton 6×6.  The long drive up from Raleigh, North Carolina proved the chalking on the door wrong – the big Cummins-powered truck DOES run.

Fig 12.jpg
This 1940 Dodge VC-1 command car is owned and restored by Phil Huffman.  Phil hauled the truck from Kentucky to display at the event and show off the spectacular results of a four-year restoration effort.

Fig 13.jpg

This flawless M925A1 as well as the water tanker trailer are owned by noted big truck collector Bruce Kubu, who asked his friend Steelsoldiers.com founder Chris Stansbury to drive the truck up to the event.

Fig 14.jpg
This M718A1 Field Ambulance was displayed by noted MUTT parts dealer TNJ Murray. The vehicle is fully equipped with all the gear just as it left the factory.

Fig 15.jpg
Weasel enthusiasts Rick Wark and Dave Welch brought an assortment of M29 and M29C vehicles – one of which seemed to be constantly in motion during the event.

Fig 16.jpg
This 1945 Studebaker US6 2 1/2 ton 6×6 is owned by David Firstman, who drove the truck from Easton, Maryland.

Fig 17.jpg
Don Marshall’s very nice 1943 Ford GPW gets sprinkled with rain as it waits its turn to be judged at the show.

Fig 18.jpg
Three-quarter ton WWII Dodges were represented by this 1942 WC-52 owned by Michael Quinn.

Fig 19.jpg
This 1987 AM General M1044 is owned by Ceyon McLean, and was one of a handful of HMMWVs present at this year’s event.

Fig 20.jpg
This 1952 Dodge M37 with shelter is owned by Matt Veeder. The winch-equipped truck has been equipped with a military-type hot water personnel heater and ove rsized tires

Fig 21.jpg
This very nice M38A1 is equipped with radios and a pedestal-mounted machine gun. Its owner was identified only as “Sella.

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