Wilsons awarded for preserving MPs’ memories

Dave and Judy

Dave and Judy Wilson of Brook have spent the last two decades creating a roster of all those who served as military police officers

Last fall, the Military Police Regimental Association presented Dave Wilson with its Order of the Marechaussee and presented his wife, Judy Wilson, with its Order of the Vinvandieres. Back in 1996, Dave and Judy Wilson started organizing reunions for the MP companies of the 25th Infantry Division, and they’ve regularly met since. Their efforts to preserve the history of military police also led to the creation of small, private museum and a website, 25infantrymp.com/index.html, for their museum and for the members of 25th Infantry Division MP companies.

In addition to several vehicles and artifacts, the museum contains the names of more than 2,500 soldiers who served in the military police company of the 25th Infantry Division from World War II until the division was mothballed a few years ago. The Wilsons are caretakers of many of those old soldiers’ military memories since the roster contains about 1,400 names of soldiers who have died.

Lt. Col. Steve Volkmar recommended the Wilsons for the awards to his superiors for the couple’s decades of promoting the military police, in general, and supporting the MP company of the 25th Infantry Division, in particular. “The award that Dave received is what I categorized as a lifetime achievement award for the accomplishments he’s made to promote the military police corps,” Volkman said.

The Military Police Regimental Association’s (MPRA) Order of the Marechaussee was officially established in 2000 to recognize exceptional dedication, competence, and contribution to the Military Police Corps Regiment over an extended period of time. The award was created with Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of recognition. The first Marechaussee awards were presented on September 29, 2000 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. There have been 8 Orders of the Marechaussee in Gold awarded to date along with 280 in Silver and 1,946 in Bronze.

The MPRA’s Order of the Vivandieres was officially established in 2005 to recognize spouses who voluntarily make significant contributions to the morale, welfare and spirit of soldiers and family members in their units of the Military Police Corps Regiment. Since inception in 2005, 330 of these awards have been presented to male and female Spouses across our Regiment. The receipt of this award recognizes their tremendous sacrifice and support for soldiers and families through volunteerism.


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