RIAC’s September Gun Auction Recap

Rock Island Auction Company’s gun auction sale Sept. 8-10 brought in $14.5 million for the auction house on the Mississippi.

Documented Historic Early Production Factory Presentation Engraved Silver-Plated New Haven Arms Co. Henry Deluxe Lever Action Rifle, Serial Number 17 SOLD $276,000

Over 450 Winchesters were up for sale. Leading the way in lot 1016 was silver plated, first year production Henry rifle with the low serial number of 17. The silver finishished “damned Yankee rifle” saw a realized price of $276,000.  The early Winchester bullet board in lot 19 was snatched up for $37,375.

Well Documented and Phenomenal Cased Factory Vine Scroll Exhibition Engraved Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver with Matching Deluxe Shoulder Stock SOLD $506,000

Colt firearms numbered more than 600 and were led by items from the Robert M Lee Collection. One of these Colts had the honor of carrying the highest sale price of the entire auction. In lot 3169, previously part of the William M. Locke and Warren Anderson Collections, was a well documented Colt 1860 Army with matching shoulder stock. Featured in numerous books and publications, the revolver sold for $506,000. Other Colt revolvers of note were lot 1230’s deluxe engraved, blackpowder, nickel finished Colt Single Action Army that brought $86,250, and a gold Damascene Colt Third Model Hartford London Dragoon revolver that went for $74,750.

Master Engraved and Gold Inlaid North American Big Game Special Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Double Action Revolver with Carved Grips SOLD $51,750

Early World War II Fully Automatic Class III/NFA C&R Johnson M1941 Light Machine Gun with Two Magazines SOLD $63,250

Class III firearms were a big part of the sale. The top item in this category was an early production Colt Model 1921 Thompson submachine gun originally shipped to a police captain in Detroit. The winning bid came from a live internet bidder for $63,250.

Also of note, this Johnson M1941 LMG brought an attractive $63,250.

Other strong showings were made by the Smith & Wesson revolvers of the Chad Gripp Collection and 1911 pistols. Leading the way for the wheel guns was the Registered Magnum once owned by actor Gary Cooper that brought $57,500, and a master engraved and gold inlaid .357 Magnum depicted numerous North American big game animals that sold at $51,750.

1911 pistols seem to be growing more popular with every auction. The Singer M1911A1 with sweetheart grips sold for $69,000, and the first year production, 3-digit serial number Colt 1911 Navy Contract pistol went for $17,250.

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