Morphy Auctions’ November Fine Firearms Sale

DENVER, Pa. _ Morphy Auctions will hold its next quarterly fine firearms sales event Nov. 3-4 with bidding starting at 9 a.m. both days. All lots from this sale are on display in Morphy’s Denver auction gallery and available for preview.

On Friday, the first day of the event, ithe vast majority of the lots on offer are estimated at $2,000 or less.

Model 1873 Winchester Inscribed to W.F. Cody

Granville Stuart Documented Winchester Model 1876 Rifle

Exquisite Deluxe Factory Engraved Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle

He-Dog Oglala Sioux First Model Winchester Model 1873 First Model Saddle Ring Carbine

Special Order High Condition Winchester Model 1886 Caliber .40-70.

Saturday will feature dozens of museum-quality items available in many areas. The “Fortune 500” categories of Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Winchester take center stage on the second day. Highlight Colts include a collection of semi-automatic 1902, 1903, 1908, and 1911 models. Featured among these are a presentation factory ivory-gripped Model 1902 Long Slide, a 9mm Colt 1911 US Officers model, a pre-war National Match, a Service Ace, and .38 Super Models. There are several fine Pythons, including a 3” and Double Diamond Set and some high-caliber SAA models, including a Howard Dove engraved sheriff’s model, numerous US models, and early civilian models.

Firearms by Smith & Wesson are well represented in this sale, with over two dozen lots on offer. Highlights include an early Volcanic model, an unfired Number 3 Single Action, a minty factory engraved Model 1902 Target 2nd Model, as well as a host of pre and postwar large frame double actions.

High Condition Sharps Model 1874 Special Order Sporting Rifle (Kittredge & Co.)

Fine Relief Carved Flintlock Kentucky Rifle Signed C. Beck

U.S. Model 1799 First Contract North & Cheney Flintlock Single Shot Martial Pistol, SN. 390

Colt Model 1860 Army Single Action Revolver Inscribed to Buffalo Bill Cody

Cased Set of Simeon North Dueling Pistols

This sale includes examples of nearly every model Winchester ever manufactured. The best of the best on offer here would be an Ulrich factory engraved Model 1886 take down rifle, a minty special order 1886 in the rarest caliber, the .40-70, a near mint case colored 45-70, and a fine 1895 flat side in 30-40 Krag.

Historical weapons include a documented 1st Model 1873 carbine with Sioux history, as well as firearms with provenance to Buffalo Bill and Granville Stuart.

Pre and postwar sporting rifles highlights include a cased Holland and Holland Takedown cased rifle, a Griffin & Howe custom .375 H&H, and a Griffin & Howe Camp Perry award rifle built on Remington 30 action. Also sharing the spotlight is a fine grouping of U.S. and foreign made double barrel shotguns from Parker, Fox, Winchester, and other niche English and trap and skeet manufacturers.

This sale’s selections of U.S. and foreign military firearms include Lugers, a M40 Drilling, US Springfields and Colts, sniper rifles, and others. A First Contract Model 1799 North & Cheney pistol in fine condition leads a pack of over 40 pre-Civil War U.S. martial pistols from one lifelong collection. A collection of Lugers is also in the mix, with some examples seldom seen on the secondary market.

Fine Smith & Wesson Volcanic Repeating Small Frame Pistol

Francotte Grade A Trap Boxlock Shotgun Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

Original Cased Luftwaffe M30 Drilling with Capture Papers

Colossal Spanish Over-Under Miquelet Horseman’s Pistol by Molas

Scarce Spanish Double Barrel Superposed Ripoll Miquelet Pistol

In the edged weapons genre, offered is a large collection of Imperial German Navy swords and daggers from a well-known collection 60 years in the making. Many of them are identified and include detailed provenance. The sale features more than 70 lots of swords from many historical eras and international locations. These include American silver hilts, American Revolutionary War officer’s sabers, several identified Civil War officer’s and presentation swords, and Eagle and Indian Princess pommel swords.

Also on offer are a number of other firearm rarities, including Spanish Miquelet pistols and single shot rifles.

Fine & Large Carved Ivory Handled Bowie by Alfred Hunter, Newark, N.J.

Early Forged-Bolster Dogbone Bowie Knife made for Wolfe & Clarks, NY

“Improved Pattern” Bowie Knife By Schively, Philadelphia

1859 Riley Haskell Minnow

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