Military photo album May 2017


The truck with the chrome grille appears to be an International.


The field artillery piece’s shield exhibits the markings of Battery B, 9th Field Artillery, 3rd Infantry Division.

First Sgt. John Fugich, Jr. • Fort Lewis, Washington, ca. 1938-1940

John Fugich, Jr. took these photos during the late 1930s. At the end of the WWII, he held the rank of First Field Sergeant. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer in 1956.

These photos appear to have been taken at the East Gate area on Fort Lewis in Washington. During this period the military had very limited funds and had to make do. My father was with this unit from the landing on North Africa to his time in the Bavarian Alps at the end of the war –  a very special place in his heart.

Proudly submitted by his son, Jerry M. Fugich

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