RIAC’s firearms ‘auction of the decade’ lives up to its name

Serial Number 1 Exhibition Engraved and Cased Colt Navy Cartridge Revolver Presented by Colt to Lewis Sheldon Colt Paymaster During the Civil War. Sold for $368,000.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. – A cased Colt Navy cartridge revolver sold for $368,000 to highlight the Rock Island Auction April 20-22. Of the 2,750-plus lots that crossed the auction block, none were more anticipated than the serial number one exhibition engraved and cased Colt Navy cartridge revolver. The auction was filled with high condition, rare and historic pieces RIAC sales for 2012 to over $16 million, and drove a 97% sell-through rate.

The Colt Navy revolver is the first true cartridge revolver manufactured by Colt and is factory engraved, inscribed and presented to Colt employee Lewis Sheldon when he retired from Colt in 1871. It remained in possession of the Sheldon family for 141 years until the bidding ceased early Sunday afternoon at $368,000.

Factory Cased Gold Plated and Relief Engraved SA Viktor Lutze Presentation Walther Model PP Pistol. Sold for $241,500.

Some 700 Colts were part of the three-day sale. An original 1883 Gatling gun, which was on display at many gun shows this spring including the NRA National Convention in St. Louis, brought $241,500. A Colt Cavalry Model Single Action made its debut to the world on the Discovery Channel pilot Ready, Aim, Sold this past November and brought a sale price of $161,000. A rare cased presentation Colt No. 3 Paterson revolver with accessories brought $230,000.

More than 300 Winchesters were presented to collectors, many of which exceeded their pre-auction estimates. A rare Iron frame Henry rifle sold for $138,000, and a U.S. Civil War contract Henry went well above its estimate selling for $46,000. Two Winchester “1 of 1000’s” sold, with the 1873 model “1 of 1000” selling for $218,500. High grade Winchester sporting arms were highlighted by an “Ultra Set” of 11 boxed Winchester Model 70s reaching a sale price of $86,250.

Hitler Guard "Night Pistol" Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol with Flashlight Attachment and Holster. Sold for $184,000.

Sporting arms made up more than 700 lots in this auction with a special order Royal Grand American Model 21 six barrel set lead Winchester shotguns with a total of $86,250. Other high grade Winchesters sales include a consecutive serial number set of two pigeon grade Model 21’s selling for $20,700 and an Angelo Bee engraved and gold inlaid 20 gauge Model 12 brought $16,100. Highlights of other manufactures include an engraved Parker Brothers AAHE Grade 7 double barrel shotgun reaching a sale price of $34,500, an A.H. Fox XE grade exceeded expectations at $20,700, and an engraved gold inlaid Krieghoff Model 32 Over/Under brought $20,700.

In one of the most heated battles of the three days of auctioning, collectors did not back down when trying to take home a piece of history in a factory cased, gold plated, relief engraved presentation Walther PP to Viktor Lutze, with bidding opening at $40,000 and concluding at $241,500. More than 130 high-quality Lugers were offered. A historic Hitler guard “Night Pistol” with flashlight attachment brought $184,000. A 1904 Navy contract, and a 1902 cased Georg Luger presentation to Borchardt each brought $115,000. U.S. Military arms were also in high demand with a Colt 1907 U.S. Army test trials pistol with holster reaching $103,000. Also from the 1907 Army trials, a Savage arms 45ACP test pistol brought $43,125. Of the three Singer 1911A1s in the auction, an employee presentation example brought the most interest at more than $80,500.

Original Winchester "One of One Thousand" 1873 Lever Action Rifle with Factory Documentation. Sold for $218,500.

Other notable lots included a pair of gold banded and inscribed cased percussion pistols from Thomas Jefferson Brady that sold for $74,750, a Colt model 1855 revolving carbine that sold for $51,750, and a Smith & Wesson U.S. contract second model Schofield revolver that reached $40,250.

Visit www.rockislandauction.com to watch clips from the auction, as well as the complete prices realized from the auction.


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