German Youth ID Card

by Bruce Kipp Used by Hitler Jugend and Deutsches Jungvolk The “Hitler Youth” (Hitler Jugend) was the overall term for the Nazi Party’s youth group. It was comprised of two mass organizations: One for boys and one for girls. Each … More »

Fake Alert! 1870 Iron Cross

1870 IRON CROSS, 2nd Class These are coming out of Germany sold as “originality unknown,” for around $55. The crosses are artificially aged and rusted. Telltale signs are imperfections revealing that the frame and core are cast as one piece, … More »

USMC horse honored

LONDON — A U.S. Marine Corps horse who served during some of the bloodiest fighting of the Korean War has been posthumously decorated for bravery. Sgt. Reckless was awarded the Dickin Medal during a ceremony at the Korean War Memorial … More »

Honoring the Sacrifice

Gold Star Lapel Button and Next of Kin Deceased Lapel Button They are not “awards.” The Gold Star and Next-of-Kin Deceased lapel buttons are symbols of honor. And yet, there may be some confusion that surrounds the significance of the … More »