Warren Buxton Collection

The finest, most comprehensive remaining of its type in private hands today. by James D. Julia, President & Auctioneer For many years, Julia’s has been continually honored with the opportunities to sell some of the world’s finest collections of firearms. … More »

‘WW1 America’ at the Minnesota History Center

MINNEAPOLIS – The WW1 era—1914 to 1919—saw America transformed. The United States emerged as a confident global superpower, while at home Americans grew more divided. Through original artifacts, images, voices, interactives and multimedia presentations, “WW1 America” will tell the stories of … More »

End of long range recon units

As of February, the Army has deactivated its three long-range surveillance companies in the active-duty force. In addition, the remaining four National Guard Long Range Companies will be deactivated in 2018, according the US Army. The nearly 100 soldiers in each … More »