Tommy’s “Jerry Pot”

By Peter Suciu A look at British-made German helmets Not once, but twice in the span of two decades, military equipment makers in Great Britain produced a German-styled helmet. It wasn’t for the Tommies on the battlefield, and only a … More »

NSDAP Gau Tradition Badges

by Chris William When Adolf Hitler and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (N.S.D.A.P. – the Nazi Party) battled their way to the top of the Weimar German political scene, one of the main tools on which they relied to attract and … More »

It was “in the stars”

by Rich Welsh As long as I can remember (50+ years), I’ve wanted an American National Insignia Star from a military airplane—specifically, an early one with a round blue field, white star, and the red dot in the center. The … More »

Toys of the Reich

German Military Toys and the Road to WWII by Andrew H. Lipps In Nuremburg’s heyday prior to World War I, the name of the German city’s was synonymous with fine toys, much in the same way “Solingen” referred to a … More »