New Dress Blues For Army

 Time to hang up your Class A uniforms. The Army has approved a plan to make dress blues the only Army Service. It has even begun to encourage soldiers to begin wearing the new uniform. The Army hopes to streamline soldiers’ clothing bags while modernizing the way the traditional blue uniform is worn.
    The most significant change, aside from the switch from green to blue, is the option to wear a combat service identification badge. Other changes include:

• Soldiers who wear green, tan or maroon berets, soldiers assigned to air assault coded positions and military police on duty will be permitted to blouse their trousers with the black leather combat boot.
• The black, tan, maroon and green beret will be permitted with all uniforms. Men and women in the rank of corporal and above will have the option of wearing a service cap, for which there will be a stipend. Commanders will be authorized to determine which headgear should be worn for a particular event.
• During the development of the uniform, a grey shirt had been considered, but the Army decided that white shirts will be worn with all Class A and B uniforms.

Army clothing stores will have the new uniform in stock by next summer. Clothing allowances will be adjusted, and every soldier will be wearing the blue uniform by 2014.

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The new Class A Army Service Uniform features a white shirt, overseas bars on sleeve and a Combat Service Identification Badge. U.S. Army, photo by Sgt. Maj. Phil Prater
The Class B uniform features a short-sleeve shirt, Combat Service Identification Badge and other badges, as well as the option to blouse the trouser legs. U.S. Army, photo by Sgt. Maj. Phil Prater

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