New uniform for women soldiers?

Proposed Army uniform designed for better fit

The Army is testing a new combat uniform designed to better fit female Soldiers. The new uniforms should be available in the next two to three years. Changes to the uniform were made following recommendations of female Soldiers during preliminary testing and research phases made by the PEO team.

The current uniforms don’t fit female Soldiers as well as the Army would like. Most of the improvements are being made in the sizing of the uniforms, such as narrowing the shoulder width or adjusting sleeve lengths.

Additionally, the new uniform pants will include an elastic waistband. Small things, like putting pens in the pen compartments on the sleeves and accessing pockets, have been made much easier with the new uniform, Robinson said.  

The Army testing board, which hasn’t yet approved the changes, will be presented with a report on the uniform soon. When the new uniforms come online, the Army will have more than 70 combinations of sizes for coats and trousers. Army regulations will have to be changed to ensure the proper wear and appearance once the new female uniform is approved, Sloane said.

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