Julia’s fall firearms auction billed as an extraordinary event

A rare Colt rimfire in extraordinary condition, and believed to be the finest known example is estimated for $175,000-$275,000.

James D. Julia auction will hold its fall firearms auction Oct. 4-5.  The sale will feature more than $10 million in sale value including a diverse, fresh-to-the-market grouping of rare and valuable items.

Session 1

Session 1 begins with rare and collectible Class III firearms.  Included in this auction is one of the rarest and possibly most desirable Class III item available.  The Colt AR-15 M1 #106 original select fire test rifle is known as the “Coconut Rifle”. Prior to the Vietnam War, Colt developed this model and produced 20 examples for sales promotion.  This specific one was the primary test gun fired by General Curtis LeMay who targeted watermelon, coconuts and other flora and fauna.  LeMay was so impressed he immediately ordered 10,000 units for the USAF and the M-16 was born. This exact gun was also tested by President John F. Kennedy and various other dignitaries.  The gun carries what is thought to be a conservative presale estimate at $40,000-60,000.

Another rarity is the 1918 Pedersen device, which converted the standard bolt action military rifle to an automatic weapon by simply removing the original bolt and replacing it with this new device. It was decided that a number of these would be produced to convert the standard bolt-action rifles but before they could be effectively introduced the war ended and a majority of the devices were destroyed. Only a few survived, and the piece in this sale carries a presale estimate of $15,000-25,000. Also included is a parts break down and operating manual for the Pedersen device. This is an original manual draft and carries a very conservative presale estimate of $2,500-3,500.

This sale includes various rare marksmen’s rifles used in world competitions. One lot consists of a pair of Springfield heavy target rifles built for famed shooter Captain E. C. Crossman. The two guns carry a presale estimate of $30,000-40,000. Also set to cross the block is a  a one-of-a-kind Nazi Merkel 201E Buchsflinte 3-bbl combination set with case, etc. This set was specifically made for and presented to Hitler’s SS Reichsfuhrer, Heinrich Himmler on his 41st birthday. This lot includes copies of the original factory design and work order information. It carries a presale estimate of $100,000-150,000.

A rare Case #5 Texas Paterson, percussion revolver with two barrels and spare cylinder. In extremely fine condition and with a presale estimate of $400,000-$700,000.

One of the first successful semi-automatic pistols was the 1893 Borchardt patent. This sale includes one with its matching stock in pristine condition and carries a presale estimate of $20,000-30,000. A large offering of a private collection of Lugers includes a superb DWM 1902 carbine with original leather case that carries a presale estimate of $15,000-25,000. A rare Luger DWM 1906 Navy 2nd issue Kiel Dockyard complete rig is estimated at $25,000-30,000. Also included, an extremely rare Colt Model 1911 Special Army pistol, SN8, was originally made for and sent to General Leonard Wood. The pistol carries a presale estimate of $25,000-35,000. A collection of WWII Pacific Theater pre-invasion maps (not to be confused with regular battle plans) will be offered as a collection. These were done on board the famous USS Pathfinder and required Navy operatives to sneak in under the cover of darkness to attain critical, accurate and highly detailed aspects of the island’s coastline that would assist in its eventual successful invasion. The lot is estimated at $10,000-20,000.

Another historic lot in Session 1 is the gold-inlaid and Alvin White engraved S&W Model 19 combat Magnum DA presented to J. Edgar Hoover.  This gun, a gift from Bill Sweet in 1958, carries a presale estimate of $35,000-55,000. Also represented in the same sale is an item formerly belonging to one of Hoover’s nemeses, Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde fame.  This  pocket knife pistol that was engraved and given to Barrow from his accomplice, Bonnie Parker. The side of the knife reads, “Clyde – Don’t Let the Law Have Me – Bonnie”. This rare item originally was found in Bonnie & Clyde’s death car and for many years was on display in the museum with the death car. It carries a presale estimate of $15,000-45,000.

One of a kind Merkel 201E o/u double rifle and shotgun presented to Hitler’s top henchman, Heinrich Himmler on or about the time of his birthday in 1941. Presale estimate of $100,000-$150,000.

Included in this sale will be a portion of the renowned Ned Schwing Collection of fine arms. Mr. Schwing, an author, scholar, collector, and gun enthusiast has produced a number of books, particularly on Winchester M42s and M21s. Included with these shotguns is an extraordinarily rare set of two engraved and gold inlaid, Pre-war Colt Woodsman pistols. These guns carry a presale estimate of $60,000-90,000. Also featured from the Schwing collection is a pair of rare Boss 20 bore sidelock ejector, single trigger game guns estimated at $65,000-85,000.

A 20 gauge Parker BHE is estimated at $35,000-55,000. And a rareParker GHE .410 single trigger shotgun is estimated at $30,000-50,000.  An M42 Deluxe with original box is estimated at $15,000-20,000.  This auction also includes a offering of small bore game guns.

Approximately 50 years ago, Joe DiMaggio (the “Yankee Clipper”) broke George Sisler’s record of 41 games straight with a base hit. DiMaggio went on to hit in 56 straight games, a record which has never been broken. At the time, NJ Detective Capt. Joseph Cocozza, presented the “Yankee Clipper” with a Winchester M21, 12 gauge shotgun which is so inscribed to DiMaggio.  This piece of history carries a presale estimate of $125,000-250,000. A Winchester M21 Factory #3 Engraved .410, complete with its original box, carries a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000. A Parker A1 Special 12 gauge with deep sculpted engraving with gold inlay carries a presale estimate of $50,000-80,000.

A John Ulrich-engraved, gold inlaid deluxe takedown Model 1886. This gun for many years has been on display in Cody Wyoming and is estimated at $150,000-$250,000.

In addition to an array of Parker shotguns is a select grouping of fine Brownings. Featured is an ultra-rare 28 gauge, P-4W “all options” Superlite with gold that is estimated at $40,000-$50,000. The extraordinary original Two Millionth Browning Auto 5 presentation shotgun, SN 2,000,000 featuring gold inlay work is being offered with a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000.

Also included is a Pre-war Boss O/U 20 bore. It carries a very conservative presale estimate of $65,000-85,000. Numerous fine Purdeys are to be offered, including a Deluxe Extra Finish 20 bore O/U 2bbl set estimated at $70,000-90,000. One Purdey belonged to wealthy socialite and Hemingway confidant Winston “Wolfie” Guest. It bears a unique “Joe Knapp Club” stock medallion. Joe Knapp was a wealthy American sportsman who was responsible for the creation of Ducks Unlimited and owned an exclusive and private NC duck club. This gun carries a presale estimate of $25,000-35,000 and is the only one the auctioneer knows of to ever have been offered at auction from Knapp’s club.

Various fine Holland & Hollands include a svelte Royal Hammerless Ejector, 20 bore estimated at $30,000-40,000. A Woodward 12 bore O/U 2 bbl set with original case is estimated at $40,000-70,000. Sporting rifles include Holland & Holland Royal double rifle in .375FL Mag estimated at $37,500-47,500. Important Marlins include a 5/4 “Hartford Stag” engraved 1893 Deluxe takedown with factory Birdseye maple stock carrying an estimate of $45,000-55,000.

Of interest to big game hunters will be the two oil on panel paintings by renowned artist Gilbert Gaul. According to information on the reverse of each, both paintings indicate they were taken from Sagamore Hill (Teddy Roosevelt’s compound) in 1948. One depicts a safari hunter about to shoot a wounded lion; the other depicts Sir Samuel Baker and a charging rogue elephant. They are estimated at $12,500-17,500 each.

Deluxe Conrad Ulrich engraved Model 1866 given by W. W. Winchester (son of Oliver Winchester) to S. T. Babcock, the winner of a collegiate target match. Estimated at $150,000-$250,000.

Session 2

Session 2 begins with an outstanding collection of rare Volcanic arms from a single owner private collection. A rare S&W Volcanic small frame in fine condition carries a presale estimate of $20,000-30,000. A Volcanic pistol carbine in very fine condition is estimated at $20,000-30,000.  And a rare 21” Volcanic engraved carbine retaining a good portion of its original silver plating is estimated at $15,000-25,000. The Volcanic arm was the predecessor to the Winchester lever action and one of Winchester’s early successes was the brass-framed 1866. This auction includes a most important Conrad Ulrich engraved presentation ‘66. The rifle was presented by Oliver F. Winchester’s son, William W. Winchester, to Stephen T. Babcock as a result of a collegiate target match. This important and historic rifle carries a presale estimate of $150,000-200,000.

Another Winchester offering is the John Ulrich engraved and gold inlaid Deluxe Takedown M1886 in .33WCF. For many years, this work of art was on loan to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. It is estimated at $150,000-$250,000. A few select sporting items offered in this sale will include spectacular Phillip R. Goodwin oil on canvas of “Hunters in a Cabin”.  This work was originally commissioned by the Peters Ammunition Company in 1920 for use as their promotional calendar for 1921.  It was again used in 1983 for a retro look Remington calendar. This painting comes to auction for the first time with an estimate of $75,000-95,000. Also included is the original artwork for one of the most desirable of all Winchester shell boxes, the Rival “Christmas Box”.  This rare lot carries a presale estimate of $3,000-10,000.

A relief-carved Fredrick Sell flintlock rifle. Presale estimate of $65,000-$75,000.

This sale includes some high-quality Colts. A Colt double rifle at one time the property of Colonel Blair D. Taylor was originally in the renowned Eldon Owens Collection and is offered with a presale estimate of $90,000-120,000. A Nimschke engraved BP frame Colt SAA with spectacular engraving and in mint condition carries a presale estimate of $125,000-175,000. A Colt “pinch frame” SAA #36 from the Sutherland Collection is being offered with a $50,000-75,000 estimate.

A nickel-plated Colt SAA at one time owned by the amiable bank robber, Butch Cassidy.  History records that in 1899, Butch Cassidy approached Sheriff Parley P. Christensen of Juab County, Utah in an effort to attain a pardon. The sheriff who knew Cassidy promised he would attempt to attain a pardon. At that time Cassidy turned over his Colt revolver and holster as well as a Winchester carbine, which is currently in another private collection. This historic pistol from one of the West’s best known bank robbers carries a presale estimate of $200,000-250,000.

A recently discovered, extremely rare cased set of two Colt deluxe Bisleys with gold inscription presents an exceptional opportunity. These are perhaps the most desirable two Bisleys known and carry a presale estimate of $150,000-300,000.  Also up for bid is a factory engraved, nickel and gold 1877 Thunder DA revolver ordered by H. O. Berg. Berg was a business agent for Wilbur and Orville Wright. The gun is estimated at $15,000-20,000. A cased #5 Texas Paterson percussion revolver with two barrels and spare cylinder in extremely fine condition carries a presale estimate of $400,000-700,000.

This auction includes martial Colt Walker made and used during the Mexican War.  Stamped “C Company, #219”, it was discovered in a museum in Australia and now carries a presale estimate of $150,000-$200,000.  Perhaps the rarest Colt offering at this auction is the Samuel Colt presentation cased engraved, three-gun set. It is one of only two or three known to exist and the only one having engraved guns.  It was originally presented to Hugh Rose, compliments of Colonel Colt (Rose was a personal friend of Colt’s). The suite is estimated at $250,000-350,000.

Civil War items include a historic Kerr revolver presented by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to his personal escort Given Campbell. The pistol is accompanied by a small paper diary kept by Campbell during the final days of the Civil War. This historic lot carries a presale estimate of $20,000-30,000.

A single owner collection of images and objects relating to General Custer and his 7th Cavalry and the infamous Battle of Little Big Horn. Approximately 80 items including Captain George Yates (KIA) carved Meerschaum pipe and image and also carved Meerschaum pipe and image of Captain Thomas Benteen Weir. Entire collection estimated at $300,000-$400,000.

A lot of ephemera and images relating to General George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn are also to be offered. This consists of approximately 80 pieces. It includes images of a number of troopers killed in action during the battle and carries a presale estimate of $300,000-400,000.

An important Indian War era High Plains Indian painted pictorial buffalo robe dates from the mid- to the third quarter of the 19th century and is in outstanding condition. It carries a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000. This sale also includes two rare Colt Gatling guns. One is the 1895/97 Gatling gun on carriage with limber in .30 cal like the one used at San Juan Hill is estimated at $125,000-175,000.  The Gatling gun was produced for over 25 years and this one is of the later examples. But it is a very desirable one because ammunition is both readily available and reasonably priced.

This oil on panel painting by by Thomas Birch shows the battle between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere. Birch worked in the late 18th century being most active in the 19th century and is best known for his depictions of important and historic naval engagements. This work estimated at $275,000-$375,000.

An oil on panel painting by Thomas Birch depicts the famous battle between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere. The painting depicts the engagement which took place in the War of 1812. The painting disappeared and was lost for well over 100 years until it was discovered in the 1960s by Kennedy Galleries. The painting has been included in the Smithsonian Institute’s database and carries a presale estimate of $275,000-375,000.

A Revolutionary War silver hilt sword hallmarked by Milne of Philadelphia and dated 1776 carries a presale estimate of $100,000-200,000. A lot of three early excavated weapons includes a halberd and a swept hilt rapier originally excavated from Jamestown Island in the early 20th century. These objects which were part of the one of the first colonies in America and are estimated at $20,000-40,000. An historic British light infantry cartridge box, bayonet, and belt had belonged to a soldier who fought in the Battle of Lexington and Concord. On his retreat to Boston, the soldier succumbed to his wounds and a local farmer discovered him, removed the items, and gave him a Christian burial. The pouch has descended in the same family for nearly 200 years and carries a presale estimate of $30,000-50,000. A Revolutionary War flintlock pistol inscribed, “John Giles/13th” is believed to be from Tryon County, New York and is estimated at $10,000-20,000.

Various cased sets of dueling pistols include a percussion a pair by Booth of Philadelphia estimated at $15,000-20,000. One of the most famous of all WWI veterans was Medal of Honor winner Sergeant Alvin York. York was a simple man from the hills of Tennessee and this sale includes a percussion, single-shot target rifle at one time owned and used by him. It carries a presale estimate of $3,000-10,000.

For more auction details, visit www.jamesdjulia.com, call 207-453-7125 or mail at PO Box 830, Fairfield, Maine 04937.  

In addition, just prior to their auction on October 2-3, the Poulin Auction Company will be conducting a firearms sale of between 1,000 and 1,500 firearms including sporting firearms, collector arms, Colts, Winchesters, military items, swords, etc. The Poulin Auction Company is located 50 yards from James D. Julia, Inc., and details about their auction can be found online at www.poulinauctions.com or by phone 207-453-2114.




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