Eva Braun dress sells for $35,875.00

M anion’s International Auction House, Inc. has brokered the sale of thousands of historic collectibles since their inception in 1970, but a recent sale of a dress belonging to the mistress of possibly the most infamous dictator in world history has attracted attention.In an auction which closed on August 26, 2007 a tangerine silk evening gown reached an astonishing price of $35, 875.00 on the company’s online auction website, www.manions.com.eva300[1].jpg
    “We were amazed,” said company representative John Conway. “We knew it was a unique item, and have sold items belonging to her before, but several bidders took this one higher than we anticipated.” The company had recently featured other dresses and documented personality items belonging to Eva Braun, which reached realized prices in the $10,000.00 to $13,000.00 range.
    “We have seen a recent rise in strong motivation for collectors to own an actual piece of history – especially WWII related items,” said Conway. “Our membership numbers have surged recently with buyers and sellers of these items, and we’re not anticipating a decline.”
    Conway attributed some of the interest to WWII film productions, as well as to programs on the History Channel and other networks. A lifelong collector of militaria, and recognized expert in the field, Conway was pleased with the growing awareness and appreciation of history.
    “Collecting history is a fascinating area of interest,” said Conway. “It’s exciting to see a new generation taking up the pursuit.”
    Manion’s International is a consignment auction house dealing mainly in historic collectibles, with a strong emphasis on militaria. For more information, visit their Web site at: www.manions.com

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