Bank robber’s Colt single-action revolver brings $322,000 at auction

Documented Historic Factory Engraved Black Powder Colt Single Action Army Revolver From the Personal Property of Bob Dalton Documented to Have Been Taken From His Dead Body After The Famous Coffeyville Raid.

Documented as taken from the dead body of infamous bank robber Bob Dalton

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. – Rock Island Auction Co.’s Sept. 9 Premiere Firearms Auction grossed $14.5 million in sales. The legend of Samuel Colt was alive and well as Colt firearms accounted for 8 of the top 10 items sold during the weekend for $2,012,500.

The talk of the weekend was theColt 16 inch “Buntline Special” Single Action Army Revolver with its original Factory Stock which sold for $546,250. Colt only manufactured 10 of the 16-inch “Buntline Specials” and this current result breaks the previous record set by Rock Island Auction in December of 2010 when it achieved a sales price of $368,000 for a 16-inch Buntline.

16 Inch Colt “Buntline Special” Single Action Army Revolver with Skeletal Shoulder Stock with Factory Letter and Extensive Documentation ($546,250)

“We are the only auction company to ever offer one of these magnificent and rare specimens to the collecting world”, said Patrick Hogan, president and CEO of Rock Island.

Other notable Colts included two Colt Single Actions recovered from the infamous Dalton gang’s failed double bank robbery attempt in Coffeyville Kansas, one of which was documented to have been taken off the hip of the slain “Highwayman” himself Bob Dalton, which sold for $322,00. The other from the same shipment to the Dalton gang brought $109,250.

Colt Single Action Army Revolver Documented as Purchased by The Dalton Gang with Mother of Pearl Grips and Factory Letter ($109,250)

A Colt 1851 Navy personally presented by Samuel Colt to his friend and famous 19th century Sea Captain J.J. Comstock of the U.S. Steamship Baltic sold for $276,000.
A factory engraved Colt Single Action brought $103,500 and factory engraved silver plated Colt Bisley sold for $97,750. Rounding out the Colts was a rare original Colt Model 1890 Gatling gun with its original field carriage which fetched $253,000.

Colt’s major 19th century manufacturing competitors also experienced a banner weekend. An original nickel plated deluxe case presentation Smith & Wesson 320 Revolving Rifle brought a record price of $97,750.00 and a Smith & Wesson Number 3 American brought $23,000. A scarce blue finish Remington 1890 revolver went for $28,750 and a factory engraved Remington Model 51 with its original box brought $11,500.

Colonel Samuel Colt Presentation Deluxe Engraved, Cased, Model 1851 Navy Revolver Given To Captain J.J. Comstock, Gustave Young Deluxe Engraved ($276,000).

Colt Model 1890 Gatling Gun on an Original Carriage ($253,000)

Firearms from the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and its predecessors were also in high demand. A documented Winchester Model 1873 with a rare half octagon barrel rang the bell at $402,500. A factory engraved gold-plated New Haven Arms Co. Henry Rifle brought $184,000. Both a Factory engraved Winchester Model 1866 and a special order Winchester Model 1873 sold for $80,500.

A Factory Documented Winchester Model 1873 Rifle With Rare Half Octagon Barrel ($402,500)

Factory Panel Scene Engraved, Gold Plated New Haven Arms Co. Henry Lever Action Rifle with Select Grade Walnut Stock ($184,000)

A WWII 1943 dated Krieghoff Luger rig with Lutfwaffe Proofed holster and two matching magazines brought $46,000. An original early production model 1902 DWM Luger carbine with matching shoulder stock commanded $43,125. A WWII U.S. Singer Manufacturing Company 1911A1 brought $69,000 and a serial number 119 Springfield Armory Rod Bayonet 1903 went for $40,250.

Other notable sales included an Angelo Bee master engraved Winchester Model 21 Shotgun for $46,000, a 1987 Humvee $37,375, an early Colt Model 1921 Fully Automatic Thompson Sub Machine Gun for $48,875 and a Washington Territory shipped Sharps Model 1874 $20,750. A historic Napoleon Bonaparte presentation silver hilted French Saber sold for $63,250 and a rare 2nd Light Horse Lancers of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard Czapka brought $21,850.

Colt B Company U.S. Walker Model 1847 Revolver Authenticated in the Parade of Walkers ($126,500)

Cased Exhibition Quality Engraved Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver of London Manufacture Presented To Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt By Colonel Colt ($109,250)

Documented Factory Engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolver with Factory Letter ($103,500)

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