USMC Horse Honored

LONDON — A U.S. Marine Corps horse who served during some of the bloodiest fighting of the Korean War has been posthumously decorated for bravery. Sgt. Reckless was awarded the Dickin Medal during a ceremony at the Korean War Memorial … More »

Honoring the Sacrifice

Gold Star Lapel Button and Next of Kin Deceased Lapel Button They are not “awards.” The Gold Star and Next-of-Kin Deceased lapel buttons are symbols of honor. And yet, there may be some confusion that surrounds the significance of the … More »

Kalpacks, Keffiyehs & Turbans

by Peter Suciu British headdress in the Middle East At the end of WWI, the British and French partitioned the former Ottoman Empire’s Middle Eastern territories and took these lands as mandates – a post-war transfer of territory that likely … More »

Citizen Soldier; Prisoner

by Chris William Just 19 years old, radio assembler Harold Dombo was a long way away from his Brooklyn, NY, hometown when he received a draft notice in 1942, while working at a defense plant in Carroll, Ill. In January … More »