Basement Bunker

Pros and cons of the “underground collection” by Peter Suciu Many things are debated in the world of military collectibles, but one hot-button issue has to do — not with the objects — but rather, where to store and display … More »

Fate of the Former USS Enterprise

The ex-USS Enterprise will be towed, but not for now. Huntington Ingalls will be responsible to temporarily store and eventually tow the former Nimitz-class carrier under a $34 million cost-plus-fixed-fee contract modification. CVN 65 was the oldest carrier in the … More »

The Military Conical Hat

Not just worn in Vietnam’s rice paddies by Peter Suciu Thanks in a large part to numerous Vietnam War films that were produced from the late 1970s through the early 1990s, there is now an iconic perception of pro-communist guerrillas, Vietcong … More »

US State & Local Medals

Given for service in the Second World War By David L. Burrows With the 100th Anniversary of United States entry into WWI, many collectors are discovering or renewing their interest in medals issued to veterans by local towns, cities, counties, … More »

10 Questions with Stephen Rogers

Talking about collecting 19th Century US militaria We are all in this together. In an effort to report on the state of different facets of the military collectibles market, Military Trader strives to discover and share the opinions of the … More »

Analyizing M1 Helmets

More Virginia National Guard discoveries by Alexander F. Barnes and Major Brendan L. Barclay In the May 2017 edition of Military Trader, we shared our initial analysis of the M1917A1 helmets that the Virginia National Guard recently recovered. In this … More »