Clem Kelly has died

  Military Trader is sad to announce the passing of longtime contributor, Clem Kelly. A man whose name is synonymous with militaria collecting, Clem died at the age of 87 on 3 February 2018 from heart failure.  Clem graduated from Jesuit … More »

London blitzed in 2018

London’s City Airport was closed Monday, February 12, 2018, following the discovery of an unexploded WWII-era bomb in the River Thames. Metropolitan Police said the ordnance—believed to be a German 500kg fused device—was found at King George V Dock during … More »

Remington Files Bankruptcy

Remington Arms, one of the largest US firearms manufacturers and builder of such iconic military weapons such as the Colt M4 Assult Carbine, the M24 Sniper Weapon System, M1917 Enfield, and the Browning M1917 Water-cooled machine gun, announced on February … More »

WWII Luftwaffe Badges

They denoted both skill and valor by Chris William When Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime began their war of European conquest, one of the Wehrmacht’s (military) sections that was to play a key role in the new form of … More »

WWII Dust Respirators

After mechanization, an indispensable piece of equipment By Harold Rartzburg It is uncommon to see a WWII display of U.S. GI equipment that includes a dust mask or respirator. Admittedly, you don’t see them much in combat photos of the … More »

Soldiers & Sports

The role of sports in our nation’s military history has deep roots, thought to help in building camaraderie and a strong body By Paul Post   Rare, early 20th century athletic gear, photos, sculptures and trophies are part of an … More »