2 thoughts on “Scenes at SOS 2009

  1. DOUG WILSON on said:

    Hey John,

    Hope you have a great time..!
    I’m going to miss the sos for the 2nd year
    in a row 🙁

    Let us know some buying/selling trends after you get a good feel of the show !

    Doug Wilson
    Sandyville , WV

  2. Billy Naylor on said:

    Hello. This was my 3rd SoS & Nat.Gun Day combo. Biggest problem I had was the lack of places to sit down & take a break. There weren’t even any seats at the concession areas. I’m old-fat & diabetic and if there hadn’t been some nice friendly vendors that allowed me to rest in their booths, I doubt if I would have made it. Other than that, I did notice the lower level of high-end money being spent, and a basic chill-down on everything. Seems like there weren’t quite as many vets signing in the back, and The Gunny wasn’t there this year. The Nat.Gun Day show next door was off, too.
    If I’m still alive, I do plan to attend next year, hopefully with a booth(Been trying for 3 years), but I guarantee that I will have me some sort of a scooter for the next one

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