Wanna Trade? Not Me!

Standing behind my table at the Show of Shows, I listened as a customer described a WWI Tank Corps photo to me. “He has his cap cocked to one side, his boots are muddy, and he’s holding his .45 in … More »


April 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the United States entering the “Great War.” While most military anniversaries seem to only create a blip in the spectrum of collecting activity, I couldn’t resist surveying our readers to get their reaction. … More »

2017—The Year of the “Deuce”

“We never called them a ‘deuce,’ damnit!” my boss, Chet Krause, once bellowed at me. “They were just ‘trucks’ or ‘jimmies.’” I had made a neophyte error by referring to one of his restored, WWII two-and-a-half ton trucks as a … More »

A Veterans Day Memory

A former cavalry trooper who admitted he didn’t know a “magneto from a carburetor,”  Newell Phipps Weed would later receive the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism for leading 6-ton tanks into combat. And while we honor all veterans on November … More »

5 Tips for making the Hobby STRONG

“Went to a show. Talked to vendors. ‘Gotta get the young involved’ was the most common statement I heard. Though this was my show synopsis for an event I recently attended, it could have described any  show I have I … More »

Is Olive Drab the New Black?

Last May, a lot of media outlets were carrying a story that was titled something like, “Are Classic Military Vehicles a Collector’s Bargain?” Written by an insurance company, the story was picked up and repeated in various outlets. As recent … More »