Let’s Trade!

It might surprise some to know, I am not much of a “trader.” After living a childhood marred by bad trades for model tanks, fireworks, and football cards, I grew up to realize the best trades begin with, “I will … More »

Put this under your table.

I admit it. I am guilty of one of the most selfish show tactics. Hopefully, you don’t recognize yourself in my confession. It happened several years ago. I was walking a show, stopped at a friend’s table who had a … More »

Collect for Free: Buy Collections

Though I have written frequently about selling a collection, it occurred to me today, I actually have bought more collections than I have sold. In fact, it was until I had bought a collection or two that I gravitated from … More »

Model Closet

“What is it about a rainy afternoon that makes you want to go to a hobby shop,” my partner recently asked in exasperation as we drove down Highway 36 towards my favorite Twin Cities store, Hub Hobby. “Aren’t you too … More »

Taking Inventory

“I am thinking of selling my collection,” the call began. “Who would you recommend handle the sale?” Though I have written and lectured about the idea of collection liquidation many times, I am surprised how many veteran collectors are at … More »

What I Have In It

For many years, I have passed a garage containing a WWII Jeep on my way to work. Each morning, I would glance to see if it was still in the spot it seemed to always occupy. Occasionally, its spot alongside … More »