USMC, by Russ Bryant and W. David Perks

USMC is a tribute to the Marine Corps, with an emphasis on the current state of the service. It discusses training, organization, doctrine, tactics (especially the recent emphasis on developing Marines as urban warfare specialists), and the future prospects of the Corps. More »

Feldbluse: The German Soldier’s Field Tunic, 1933-45, by Laurent Huart and Jean-Philippe Borg, translated from the French by Lawrence Brown

The German Feldbluse (field tunic) of WWII was generally a four-pocket, single-breasted garment with a stand-and-fall collar, provisions for internal suspenders, and four pockets with flaps. This book is an in-depth study of the feldbluse, recounting its constant evolution from its introduction in 1933 to the shortened feldbluse of 1944. More »

Through Mobility We Conquer: The Mechanization of U.S. Cavalry

The U.S. Cavalry underwent intense growing pains with the rapid technological developments of the twentieth century. Through Mobility We Conquer traces the Cavalry’s mechanized history from its tentative beginnings during World War I through to its eventual conversion from traditional horse cavalry to a mobilized branch. More »

Italian Armour in German Service, 1943-1945, by Daniele Guglielmi, translated by Emy Canale, drawings by John L. Rue, color profiles by Giovanni Mapelli and Jean Restayn

Following the fall of Mussolini’s Fascist regime in 1943, the Germans appropriated a large inventory of Italian military vehicles, including one thousand armored vehicles. The Germans evaluated the vehicles, refurbished or modified them to their needs, and placed them into service with new Wehrmacht designations. More »