Collectible Rocks

Waiting in line at our local Ben Franklin to pay for a PT-109 model back in 1975, I looked at a small stack of painted stones on the counter. The sign said, “Pet Rock—$3.95.” Though I have long since developed … More »

Confederate plate at heart of Texas debate

  The Supreme Court struggled March 23 in a dispute over a proposed Confederate battle flag license plate to balance worries about government censorship and concerns that offensive messages could, at worst, incite violence. Nearly 150 years after the end … More »

Fire Safety 101: Be Prepared

Whrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-CHURP! “Damnit! Again!” Whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—“Now!”—CHURP! I knew what was going on when I heard these sounds over my shoulder as I built a chicken coop in my daughter-in-law’s backyard. Looking over to the road going up the hill along side their … More »