It’s a big world

I will admit it, when it comes to new horizons, I am usually the guy who lingers behind slowly analyzing data before deciding whether or not to take the leap. This is not a good quality in a collector.  Sure, … More »

State of the Militaria Hobby

Greetings, Having just returned from the Show of Shows (SOS), I have fielded several questions about the health of hobby. The economic doldrums, the instability of Mideast, rising unemployment only outpaced by rising fuel costs and a general sense of … More »

Since when is WWI a French thing?

A Dec. 14, 2010, article on the Wall Street Journal website (“Collectors Vie For World War I Memorabilia”) boldly proclaimed, “Whereas World War II or Napoleonic-era militaria are popular with collectors world-wide, enthusiasm for WWI memorabilia is predominantly a French … More »