My Spring Break

Greetings, It’s been a long, hard winter for the folks up north. So, when my partner called from Minnesota saying she desperately needed to get away, I was ready to accommodate her. Naturally, without much thought, I volunteered that we … More »

Remember Fort Sumter!

Exactly 150 years ago at 4:30 a.m. Edmund Ruffin pulled the first lanyard on the first cannon to fire against the Union.  Fort Sumter was under fire, and the Civil War began. By the end of the war, losses totaled … More »

It’s a big world

I will admit it, when it comes to new horizons, I am usually the guy who lingers behind slowly analyzing data before deciding whether or not to take the leap. This is not a good quality in a collector.  Sure, … More »

State of the Militaria Hobby

Greetings, Having just returned from the Show of Shows (SOS), I have fielded several questions about the health of hobby. The economic doldrums, the instability of Mideast, rising unemployment only outpaced by rising fuel costs and a general sense of … More »