The Devil is in the Details

“The person who defines their own qualities by quoting someone else does just that.” It seems like everyone is quoting someone these days. I am normally not a big fan of quotes, but I do keep one on my desk … More »

The ‘New’ Collecting Landscape

From the time immediately following WWII until the last few years, the nature of military collecting has followed a generalized path. Collectors gathered whatever they encountered—if the price was “right.” During the last decade, that style of collecting has given … More »

Parental Guidance in the Hobby

At a recent military vehicle show, the event planners organized a last-minute “parade of historic military vehicles.”  Each owner was asked to drive his or her vehicle past the bleachers of viewers while a narrator explained highlights of each MV. … More »

Summer’s not just about Shows

For a lot of our readers, the Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer show season. In preparation for the various parades and veteran recognition events, historic military vehicle (HMV) enthusiasts pull out their vehicles, clean off the … More »

My Spring Break

Greetings, It’s been a long, hard winter for the folks up north. So, when my partner called from Minnesota saying she desperately needed to get away, I was ready to accommodate her. Naturally, without much thought, I volunteered that we … More »