Military Vehicles Magazine is 25 years old!

In the late 1970s, the historic military hobby experienced pretty intense growing pains. The nation’s oldest organization dedicated to the collecting and driving of historic military vehicles (HMVs), the National Military Vehicles Collectors Association (NMVCA), splintered in 1976, resulting in … More »


Both the militaria and historic military vehicle hobbies depend on new collectors and dealers learning how to connect with each other. For the past two years, we have published an “ambassador issue” for the military vehicle hobby that has been … More »

The Devil is in the Details

“The person who defines their own qualities by quoting someone else does just that.” It seems like everyone is quoting someone these days. I am normally not a big fan of quotes, but I do keep one on my desk … More »

The ‘New’ Collecting Landscape

From the time immediately following WWII until the last few years, the nature of military collecting has followed a generalized path. Collectors gathered whatever they encountered—if the price was “right.” During the last decade, that style of collecting has given … More »