10 collecting tips

Whether new to the hobby or a veteran, these will help you enjoy! During the past thirty years, I have collected in many areas of militaria, each with equal passion. In that time, I have made many mistakes. I have … More »

Building the Battlefield

“My son seems to really like military history, but he just sits in front of the television,” a young mother confessed to me this past weekend. “He really has a good imagination, but I am afraid it just won’t develop.” … More »

Going Once, Going Twice…

“I think the auction approach to collection sales is dying,” a dealer recently commented to me. “Sales seem to have really been down,” he added as to somehow bolster his argument. I listened through the phone cradled on my shoulder … More »

Where’d Those Photos Go?

“There’s a problem with the website,” a forum member posted to one of the many Internet boards I frequent. “Photos that I posted last year are no longer available!” I hadn’t thought about it until I read this post, but … More »

The Great Snow Battle of 1977

I must have forgotten about the brutal winters, when I moved back to Minnesota last autumn. Forgetting was no accident, however. Having left for warmer parts three years earlier, I gave my big brother my snow blower and Goodwill received … More »

Remember Rough & Ready’s 4,500

One hundred sixty-five years ago, through the night of Feb. 23 and the pre-dawn hours of the 24, the remnants of General Zachary Taylor’s small, mostly volunteer, American Army listened to what they believed would be their final demise. For … More »