International M-4-6 and M-5H-6

Ultimately adopted by the United States Marine Corps, the Internationals were fitted with a variety of beds. In addition to the standard cargo beds, International 6x6s were equipped as dump, pipeline, tanker, telephone and fire trucks. By the end of production, more than 30,000 of these trucks were built and delivered. More »

A Rare “Bird”

Military wreckers have long been attractive to those with the OD bug–their rugged, go-anywhere construction, along with the array of gear they carry–make them the ultimate MV in view of many enthusiasts. More »

Heavy Hookers: Trucks with ‘Hoist’

Tanks, jeeps and trucks are what most people think of when discussions turn to military vehicles. These are but a few of the broad range of vehicles fielded by the Army–past and present. Among the lesser-known vehicles are motor cranes. More »